A-2640 Enzenreith – Wörth 9 • Tel./Fax +43/(0)2662/42227 • gasthof@bock-rasner.at
Every interested guest whether
a child or adult will learn how
to work at a farm and will enjoy
to sit in the nearby garden among
the beautiful natural countryside.
For our little guests only there is
a play-ground where they can play
and romp around to their
heart´s content.
Our holiday-makers particularly stop
for a break with fruit wine and
agriculture products of the Rax-
Schneeberg region as well as
from our own farm.
Perhaps you will be lucky to see
baby animals at our farm or at
the nearby game preserve with
its pond during your holidays.
When the day´s work is done and
in between times the landlord and
landlady are pleased to devote
time to especially interested